Going to Beachaven has been a wonderful way to meet friendly people in the community.

G Knight

I have been going to Beachaven for three years now for the walking group, Rummikub, and to bring my granddaughter to the pre-school play groups – positively love it.

M Hogarth

I enjoy my Wednesday afternoons playing Rummikub with other ladies from our community. We are treated like family, with hugs and kisses on arrival and departure and a lovely afternoon tea. Some of us oldies go on outings with the children and their mums. Great fun. I am sure all babies and oldies who attend Beachaven have a great time full of learning.

J Buck

Beachaven offers lots of different activities for all ages. My daughter, who is two and a half years old, benefits from the play groups where she gets to interact with lots of children of different ages, genders, and races. She will also attend kindy with many of the same kids so it is great to get to know who they are and their parents too. It is also great for me as a mum because I get to meet different mums and talk about parenting stuff.

M Rose

Being involved in Beachaven has made a great difference to me in many ways. I am on my own now, and going to Beachaven and getting to know the people that go there is wonderful.

J Outram